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Hoodies & the Vogue Girl

sarah w

 Hoodies & the Vogue Girl by watereverysunday on polyvore

While its cousin sweatshirts are taking some rest, Hoodies are the next new kids on the block.  Starting last year, hoodies have been frequently on runways showing new trends in sporty fashion category, teaming up with the sudden rise of rainy day fashion

We've seen hooded dress, jumpers, robes, coats and scarves. We've seen many basic pieces having hood features and our everyday hoodies became popular base canvas for cool graphics, brand logos and statements. 

Inspired by men's styles, hoodies are great with jacket & coat in general and surprisingly fantastic with feminine skirts (I especially love chiffon and pencil skirts) and dresses. Need some inspiration? Watch SS2018 collection videos from NYFW & LFW and MFW & PFW. Enjoy the fashionable side of hoodi-ness! 



Abril Pink Crushed Velvet Hoodies $58, watereverysunday.com



Ruth Faux Fur Leopard Maxi Coat $109, watereverysunday.com


Gucci 70s graphic print trousers $1500, farfetch.com


Vetements Lighter-heel leather ankle boots $1459 (on sale $870), matchesfashion.com



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