Get The Look - Rain Coat Over Fur Coat

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Love this street style look. Perfect for cold rainy days but any other days for sure. Faux fur coats have been absolutely a must for upcoming winter and recent years along with patent leather trends. So double the fun! Raincoat over fur coat!

This smarty and fashionable street style look has just done right with some patent leather/waterproof coat over a fur coat, looking like those fur trimmed coats but with more expensive feel.

Double coats have been a new style trend along with double pants so go ahead and overlay your coats. I also love overlaying fur vest over leather jacket. This instantly makes my leather jacket way more expensive.

Another way to luxuri-fy your regular coat is to add fur scarf trim. 

One more interesting thing to notice in this street style look is the colorful knit socked slider sandals. Can you handle this look?




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Barbara Faux Leather Trench Coat  $88.99

 Similar Faux Patent Leather Coat 


Lilian Patent Leather Trench Coat - 2 Styles  $120


Color Patchwork Faux Fur Jacket - 3 Colors  $48

Suggested DYI Detachable Faux Fur Trim Scarf

Detachable Faux Fur Scarf/Collar - 14 Colors  $35


BLUGIRL  Cropped Plaid Trousers $227 On Sale (reg $283),

 Similar Cropped Plaid Overall Pants

Leighton Plaid Overall Pants $52


Colin Round Vintage Shoulder Bag - 3 Colors $42.99

Similar Shoulder Bag

Mini Multi Ways Saddle Bag - 4 Colors, $42.99 on sale (reg $56)


Marilyn Monroe Faux Wool Crew Socks $$8.50,


Dr Martens Voss Slingback Sandals $104.95,


Similar Suggested Socked & Fur Lined High Top Sneaker Boots

Socked Ankle Platform Sneaker Boots - 2 Colors, $64


Fur Lined High Top Leather Sneakers - Black or White, $78


Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-In-Stick #4 Rouge in Danger $38,




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