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Get The Look - Rain Coat Over Fur Coat

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Get the Look - Raincoat over Fur Coat by watereverysunday (Copyright©)


Love this street style look that never gets old. Perfect for cold rainy days but any other days for sure. Faux fur coats have been absolutely a must for winter and recent years along with patent leather trends. So double the fun! Raincoat over fur coat!

Let's have a closer look at this smarty and fashionable street style OOTD. This fashion week street style look features a glossy patent leather waterproof coat over a fur coat, looking like a fur trimmed coat with a more expensive feel. 

Double coats have been a new style trend along with double pants, so go ahead and overlay your coats. I also love overlaying a fur vest over a leather jacket. This instantly makes my leather jacket way more expensive. Another way to luxuri-fy your regular coat is to add fur scarf trim. 

Have you ever felt that you are too overdressed like your furry friend was making you embarrassed with the over the top fur shaking and barking? That said, the double coat style could save you from this episode. Walk in and read the room if you can let your dog out or not, implying a fur coat, and  for the record, we do not support animal cruelty. It is also true that we often feel that fur coats are only for special occasions but no more! Don't leave your fur coats in your closet to only collect dust or keep them as the biggest secret of the town! Just bring them out and flaunt! 

One more interesting thing to notice in this street style look is the colorful knit socked slider sandals. Can you handle these double duty looks?

Another thought... Doubling things to complement items that are a little bit lackluster or repurposing them is what makes us human different from AI. Do yon think AI could suggest you what to wear or style? What do you think?



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Nova Patent Leather Trench Coats $110

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Lilian Patent Leather Trench Coat - Long or Short  $109/$105


Color Patchwork Faux Fur Jacket - 3 Colors  $48 SOLDOUT

 Similar Patchwork Faux Fur Jacket

Erissa Color Patchwork Faux Rabbit Fur Jacket $72

 Other Suggested Faux Fur Jackets


Ilta Fur Trim Bomber

Nayeli Faux Rabbit Fur Bomber


Suggested DYI Detachable Faux Fur Trim Scarf

Detachable Faux Fur Scarf/Collar - 14 Colors  $35


BLUGIRL Cropped Plaid Trousers $227, farfetch.com

 Similar Cropped Plaid Overall Pants

Leighton Plaid Overall Pants $52 SOLD OUT

Jamie Woolen Plaid Cropped Pants $42 



Colin Round Vintage Shoulder Bag - 3 Colors $42.99

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Hessa Micro Chain Crossbody Bags - 5 Colors $28


Marilyn Monroe Faux Wool Crew Socks $$8.50, amazon.com

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Minimalist Color Contrast Pleated Socks - 6 Colors $7.99 or $19.98/3pcs


Dr Martens Voss Slingback Sandals $110, drmartens.com


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Arma Minimalist Faux Leather Slippers - 3 Colors $38


Willa Rubber Sneaker Rain Boots $42


Helmi Plush Lined Platform Winter Boots $58


Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick Balm #4 Rouge in Danger $43, yslbeautyus.com




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