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Flare Jeans - Bohemian Romance

sarah w

Flare Jeans - Bohemian Romance by watereverysunday

70s chics always live in our hearts with full of free spirit and inner flower child. And flare jeans are one of the things to define this cool 70s chic look.

Here, rather than going for typical disco chic look, go for a romantic bohemian chic. Pair with some vintage or dark floral print items to instantly soften and add romance to the look. Fringed blanket poncho is just another perfect item to express the bohemian spirit. Add some velvet item to finish the look with touch of luxury.



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Alina Retro Wide Leg Flare Jeans - 5 Colors, $54.99 On Sale (Reg $68)

Tribal Print Fringed Wool Blanket Scarf - 4 Colors, $39.99 


Dark Floral Print Velvet Mid Ankle Boots $88

Quilted Velvet Flap Chain Shoulder Bag - 5 Colors, $36.99


CHARLOTTE TILBURY Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder, $45 


Laura Geller Iconic Basked Sculpting Lipstick - East Village Orchid $21, laurageller.com


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