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August Rush - Bohemian Date Night

sarah w

August is halfway gone but its passionate heat still remains scorching hot, fighting with cooling tropical showers and thunders. Leo is the passionate zodiac sign behind this, roaring and breathing its last minute fiery heat but also it is also in the making of those beautiful reddish autumn foliage and golden harvest as a result of lion's passionate love affairs during the summer. 

All said, summer is leaving us but we should not be sad. We've also got a last bit of August to enjoy it and say goodbye. Rush out now and enjoy the last of the summer!

Got some hot dates? August date nights sound pretty hot and cool now, right? Here is some August date night outfit idea.

Bohemian romance, flamenco dancers inspired looks seem perfect for this August passion. Off the shoulder top, tiered skirt or dress and corset belt. Lovely espadrille wedges and rattan shoulder bag. Bohemian statement earrings are definitely a must. And wear a plum or dark mauve lipstick to complete the look.



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Off the Shoulder Knit Tops $18.99 


H&M Tiered Skirt $69.99 SOLD OUT


Suggested Tiered Dress:

Tiered Off the Shoulder Dress $48


Box Straw Rattan Shoulder Bag $78

Round Boho Hoop Earrings $8.99 (on sale!) marycheffer.com


Suggested Hobo Statement Earrings 

Vintage Boho Tribal Statement Earrings - 8 Styles $12.99


Valentino Native Couture Espadrille $739 SOLD OUT


Suggested Booties:

Sexy Mesh Panel Transparent Booties $45







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