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3 Ways to Wear Short/Skirt Over Shirts

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Rhianna somehow re-popularized this style sometime last year when she was spotted sporting this look around and talked about. Heavy material ripping, deconstruction & reconstruction combined with unconventional ways in wardrobe styling such as inside out or backward fashion have beeb trending. Thanks to Vetements, Off-White, Jaquemus and the likes, as these radical collections have been leading the recent fashion weeks and being the trendsetters, these shirts over shorts/skirts styles are nothing dramatic for certain.

The key point in this styling is the length of the shirts. It should be oversized but not too long. More of those shirts you borrowed from the boys/men. Peek-A-Boo lengths are the exact lengths you want. Also for the shorts or Skirts, mini or micros are the sizes that work. 

There are 3 cool ways to wear this trend.

Blogger Style - Off the Shoulder and Cut off Denim Skirt

Such a well-done street style. Turn down oversized shirts and Denim skirt. You can also wear the shirt backward/backless style or one shoulder style. But most of all, what was so great about this particular look was the turn down off the shoulder shirt and the Gucci belt which adds glamour and fashionista sense. This will also work with the shorts - cut out ones. Denim and shirts are quite usual and almost have that business casual feels. But by adding a fancy buckled wide belt, or even a corset belt, and platform wedge sandals, you are the scene changer.


Shirt $185, net-a-porter.com I Skirt $70, amazon.com I Sandals  $50, watereverysunday.com I  Gucci Belt $390, gucci.com I Padlock Necklace $14.99 (similar product on her), waterverysunday.com 


Celebrity Style – Shorts over Oversized Shirt

Kendall is always edgy and ultra fashionable in her styling, Celeb + being a model. The featured vertical stripe shirts (Balenciaga) are the one of the niche pieces that started the current stripe shirts trend and apparently the trend will stay for 2018. Whether you get a short mini shirtdress or borrow from your boys/men, this look is great as a casually out the door look. Simply youthful but a bit radical. Her shorts are actually heavily reconstructed jeans. The entire leg was cut off only leaving the side seam strings. Can you see that? Radical.. 


Striped Shirt $434, bysymphony.com SOLD OUT, similar product $18 hm.com  I Denim Short $78, sanssoucistores.com similar product $25 watereverysunday.com I Sneakers $230-263, amazon.com I Tinted Sunglass -similar product $27, watereverysunday.com I Safety Pin Earrings saksfifthavenue.com SOLD OUT - similar product $8.99, watereverysunday.com


Preppy Style 

This runway look from preppy French brand APC is a great way to incorporate this trend into everyday. I particularly love this look for the sandals worn over white knit socks. It resembles those slouchy boots and is totally adorable. White socks are no longer a fashion faux pas. Try this in coming September when weather gets crispy enough for this. Tie sweaters over the shoulder or on the waist. Tuck Jackets over the shoulders and enjoy the preppiness.


White Shirt $220 farfetch.com similar product $18, amazon.com I Mini Skirt $115, apc.com similar product $20, waterverysunday.com I  Denim Jacket $270, apc.com I Socks $5, ae.com I Sandals $190 yoox.com SOLD OUT suggested suede lace up espadrille $50 I Hoop Earrings $7.99, watereverysunday.com I Rubik Pendant Necklace $120, ssense.com


Image Source: refinery29

Rihanna does it, too!

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