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Be Aware of Imposter Site watereverys.com

Sarah W


🏴‍☠️ watereverys.com 🏴‍☠️

We regret to inform you this news. We've discovered that the above website watereverys.com copied & stole our curated product data, design and is selling products under our brand identify "watereversunday" claiming as our sales/sale price site. This is a clear identify theft and shameless act.
We're not associated with this web store and any products listed on the site as our brand are NOT from us. Currently we do not sell any product under our brand-name except for print-on-demand products under watereverysunday collection. watereverysunday is a web identify name for life style blog and retail store for curated partner's products. That said, the logo products featured above are clearly counterfeits.
We took our appropriate actions towards this malicious scam website and are investigating. Most of products on this site are straight copied/pasted from our site, outdated, discontinued and out of stock on our site. Purchasing from this site will be at your own and high risk. We were not able to get any communication from this site which confirms that it is not a real web store. 
We strongly advise you not to purchase from this site. This website seems live since sometime in September 2022. It was so obviously copied from us that we could not even notice in google search until recently. Google had responded since and removed this site's URLs from coming up on google search under "watereverysunday" as per Digital Millennium Copyright Acts (DMCA).
But foremost, we would like to inform and ensure you that none of our customer or order data were exposed or affected by this event and safe with us since this site only copied our published online product data to copy our image to benefit theirs in english, not being located in the US. 
We are responsible to inform our customer of this event for safe and secure online community and experience.
Our brandname is created by our founder's personal story so unique that it can not be easily copiable.
We are located in Brooklyn, NY
Any questions or concern please email us:

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