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Living in Tropical Prints - Tropical Decor

Sarah W


Living in Tropical Prints - Decor by watereverysunday

Living in Tropical Prints - Decor by watereverysunday


When you can't get away, maybe you should bring the vacation to you? Here is one of my favorite themes of vacations - Tropical Islands. 

Colorful tropical prints instantly brighten up your space with visual vibrancy and instantly cool the temperature of your home scene with tropical greenery such as palm trees and fern plants, colorful birds like parrots and Tucsons, beautiful tropical flowers like orchids, hibiscuses, bird-of-paradise and the list goes on. Now just sip on Tiki cocktails or drinks to complete your home staycation. 

As we all know, you can sprinkle little items here and there for some taste or go in a full blown manner and make yourself to enjoy it as you like. As you can guess, this is seasonal unless you literally live in actual tropical locations.




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Tropical Prints Fabric Upholstered by Timorous Beasties Textile Design

Topical Tropical Fabric£140 Per metre, timorousbeasties.com


Other Similar Tropical Prints Accent Chair

Coraline Upholstered Side Chair, $189.99 SALE (Reg. $237.99), hulalahome.com



Fern Slate Crepe Throw Pillow Cover, 20" X 20", $29.95 hawaiibarkcloth.com

Tropical Coconut Palm Tree Feather/Down Pillows, $329/pair, chairish.com

Other Similar Palm Tree Prints Decor Pillow

Palms of Paradise - Boudoir Lumbar Pillow, 20x14 inch, $49 etsy.com



Banana Leaf Stemless Wine Glass, $18/each 8oaklane.com

Other Similar Banana Leaf Wine Glass

Palm Stemless Wine Glass $12 SALE (Reg. $20), lavenderfieldsonline.com



Cockatoo Wall Art - SOLD OUT

Other Similar Tropical Birds Wall Arts

Tropical Jungle Parrot Wall Art ART BY: Wouter Rikken

Price varies by size, elephantstock.com


Toucan In Tropical Forest Wall Art, $69.99, wayfair.com



Tropical Palm Leaves with Pink Hibiscus Flowers Wall Papers, amazon.com

Gauguin: Metamorphoses (MoMA, NY Exhibition Catalogues), $42 amazon.com

Extraordinary Orchids Hardcover $27.90, amazon.com

Tiki: Modern Tropical Cocktails Hardcover – Illustrated, $19 amazon.com













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