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Mirror Effect Decor

Sarah W

Mirror Effect Decor by watereverysunday (Copyright)


Mirror, Mirror, Who is the fairest of all?

Answer is…. scroll down to the end to see the answer.

You(?) or the snow-white evil queen asks, and the mirror will answer you right back with an honest reflection of your self-image, also making the visual body double of you by its mirroring effect. Have you seen yourself in the mirror recently? Some might even haven't the time while some have too much time on their hands playing a narcissist or spending time finding unnecessary flaws in yourself. 

Whatever the case is, the mirror has been part of our daily lives throughout human history for its function of checking ourselves as a vanity tool and as a decorative item.

This mirroring quality is not only good for reflecting ourselves but also can beautify our space by making our space more spacious than it is with its multiplying effect. Also, with its sleek metallic shine and clean-cut frame, they have jewel-like quality which can make your decor instantly luxurious.

So how can we decorate with mirrored items? You can certainly invest on new items, but you might already have these at home. You can gather them and rearrange them in a cohesive way for this decor theme. A lot of times, grouping makes a bigger impact than single beauty. 

So shall we decorate with mirrors together?

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What kind of mirror items are there for this decor? 



As the title says this is the main character of this decor. Do not lose the main character and make a single impact by the size or multiply the numbers to anchor the theme and set the tone. On the wall or on the floor, choose mirrors with well structured, geometric and preferably mirror finished frames to maximize the effect. 


Serai Mirror www.jamieyoung.com

Tasheba Wood Wall Mirror Wayfair.com




Desk or vanity table with mirror finish adds instant either fairy tale, luxurious powder room, or sleek modern decor depending on the look that you are going for. Furniture certainly can anchor your decor theme playing backdrop and canvas for your decorating project.  


Image Source/Credit : Pinterest style.me


Wedlyn Mirrored Writing Desk furniture hotspot.com


What if you don't want to invest in major furniture?

You can still invest on small accent furniture like stool or side table with mirror finish. Or you can revamp or transform your furniture or items by a little DIY project - scroll down more for the idea.


Abeille Side Table ballarddesigns.com


Marlo Vanity Stool with Mirrored Legs macys.com



Mirrored trays were one of the most popular mirror items by frequently featured on Instagram or Pinterest with beautifully organized vanity items, aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. Any table top in bedroom, bathroom or living room, use these trays to organize clutters and loose items or displaying them.  

Image Source/Credit: Pinterest Brides.com

Rectangle Silver Mirror Decorative Tray amazon.com



Mirror Gold Tray amazon.com


Lighting fixture like hanging Lamps with reflective metallic finish could work with this decor. Any table lamps with lamp base made with mirror material could make an impact if you don't want to purchase bigger items like furniture.


SAFAVIEH Lighting 23-inch Dana Table Lamp (Set of 2) bedbathandbeyond.com



Sphere Gold Pendant Light  bedbathandbeyond.com



Add finishing touch with mirror or silver items such as a jewelry box or holder, picture frame or candle votives. Having some type of textured surface such as mosaic or motif can add fun to the decor.  

When finding candle holders, find a container with gold or silver lining. They might not have a mirrored exterior but having an inner mirror would make the piece to fit in the mirror family. 

Little mercury frosted glass votives can come very handy. These easily come in dozens or 20pcs and affordable. These little candle votives not only can be used for your festive events but also used as a little flower vase or jewelry holder on your vanity and any tabletops. Place them in any of your living spaces or next to vanity items to instantly beautify the area. 



Volens Gold Votive Candle Holders amazon.com




What if you don't want any mirrored items?

No problem. You can make some using mirror stickers!


Don't have mirror items? You can try mirror stickers that are self-adhesive and removable to most surfaces. There is nothing more magical than stick and transform!  So easy! 

A variety of items are available to accommodate your creative project needs - pre-cut mirrors with self-adhesive back or flexible sheet rolls for you to cut and stick. Some come in sets for the wall decal arts. You can also choose plain, pre-cut shape or textured sheets. You can use these to trim or cover pre-existing objects or walls into beautifully mirrored pieces for instant transformation. 

Decorate any wall, revamp, or repurpose pre-existing items. But don't go overboard and making the disco party. Stay tasteful and luxurious applying modesty in placing items. Sometimes less is more. 


Adhesive Round Circle Mirror Tiles Decals amazon.com


Real Glass Silver Mirrors Mosaic Tiles Sticker amazon.com


Grecian Motif Mirror Stickers amazon.com


Mirror Sheets Self Adhesive amazon.com


The answer to "Mirror, Mirror, Who is the fairest of all?" is

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.





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