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Wild or Tamed Animal Prints Decor by watereverysunday


Animal prints trend is so hot right now all over the runways and it looks like will be still hot next year. So why not for your home? As we are walking right into the fall, this can't be any more perfect time to do this. 

As we all know, these wild animal prints have classically rich and luxe looks, mixed with fur and leathery elements, then the most interesting patterns!! Leopard, zebra, cowhide, snakeskin and all those beautiful patterns of animals. Snakeskin is kind of having the time of its life. Though Investment on any kind of pieces will be most likely long standing as animal prints are timelessly classic and never really go out of trend.  

And no worries, we are all animal lovers and no one really want to be cruel. There are plenty of faux versions around to feel peace and comfortable with

Key points of decorating with animal prints are not going overboard. There should be some type of clean or solid backdrop or pieces against the animal prints piece so that the scene is balanced and the prints work as pop, rather than part of overwhelming visual. 

Typically, throw pillows are the first things come to mind. Zebra, cowhide rugs are always popular and great for instant luxury. Also try colored ones other than traditional black and white or dark brown colors for a change.

There are also many small decor objects available like cups, kitchenware, towels and stationary items that you can play with. 


Have Fun Decorate with Animal Prints - Wild or Tamed! 



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Snakeskin Print Pillow,

Leopard Velvet Pillow $29.99,

Similar Snakeskin Pillows $27.25, GHomePillows,

Grey Wolf Faux Fur Pillow $62,


Mongolian Faux Fur Throw $22.49,




Sally Wheat Interiors Antelope Stair



Hand-Hooked Zebra Area Rug $195,




Vanna Zebra Cabinet $4599,


Halcyon Days Leopard Fine Bone Chine Mug $49,


Zebra Print Coffee Mug $16.95,


Roberto Cavalli Bravo Guest Towels $40,



Animal Prints Decor Spheres N/A,



Dolce & Gabbana Leopard Bronzer SOLD OUT


Silver Oxford Brogues $75,  


Zebra Print Ink Pen $7.99,

Leopard Print Ink Pen $7.99,

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