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Spring Flower Nails

Sarah W


Spring Flower Nails - watereverysunday
Spring Flower Nails by watereverysunday
Spring is officially here as a couple of days ago marked the spring equinox. You start hearing birds singing more, seeing spring green sprouts and flowers blooming everywhere. All said, here goes some Spring nail art ideas. 
All trends now going towards 90s retro. How about some retro floral nails? Not a manicure-pedicure person but these floral nails look youthfully adorable and definitely brighten up anyone's day.
Whether you go colorful flower child theme like Fendi or Miu Miu kinds or free spirited wild flowers that remind of the Bridgeton, period-piece these are surely fun and pretty. 
Be mindful that spring flowers are fresh sprung early bloomers like daisies, tulips and wild flowers on the roads not roses or dark florals that are late bloomers in the year. 

There are several ways to do flower nails. Let's find out!

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W H A T  Y O U  N E E D:


There are the basics everyone knows already doing manicure/pedicure. But just listing in case…. Utilize what you already have at home unless you feel like shopping.

  • Nail Polishes: Color choices of yours & Top Clear Coat, Use what you have. No need to buy new unless you fee like shopping.
  • Nail file & Buffing Blocks
  • Dotting Tools 
  • Nail Polish Remove
  • Cotton Rounds/Pads
  • Acrylic Nails, glue and kits if you are using these over natural nails.

Gucci Vernis À Ongles Glossy Nail Polish, $33- These looks very spring!
Les Mains Hermes, Nail enamel, Rose Magenta, $50 - Color Viva Magenta is color of 2023
Opi Spring '23 Nail Lacquer$19.95 - 4PC Mini Pack

Nail Art Design Dotting & Brush Tools, $5.99 amazon.com


    H O W   T O




    Prior to applying the base coat, prepare and buff your nails. The 4-way nail buffing blocks always works. They have all sides that you need for filing and buffing and almost a fool proof.

    4 Way Shiny Block

    4 Way / Step Buffing Block Shine Nail Buffer, $3.99 amazon.com

    After cleaning, cutting and filing your nails to a desired shape (round, square or pointy), smooth and buff your nails by moving the buffing block in X, circular or from side-to-side motion over each nails starting from number 1 to 4 side of the blocks. Number of the blocks indicate the roughness of the block texture, number 1, the roughest grit to number 4 the softest with use indication marked. 

    • Side/Step 1. Shape -use for roughest nails or file to shape
    • Side/Step 2. Smooth -removes debris from shaping and smoothing surface
    • Side/Step 3. Buff - primary buffing to create matte surface for nail polish
    • Side/Step 4. Polish & Shine - buff and shine like your shoes. You can even feel the heat!

    Going through each side pad step by step smoothing or buffing your nails to a clean & smooth surface for a better adhering nail polish and nail art. The following YouTube tutorial is quite helpful. This also shows how to push your cuticles and more.

    For nail polish and nail art: do step 1, 2 & 3 which create a smooth matte buffed nails so that nail polish and nail art to adhere.

    For polished & shined bare nails: finish all 4 sides. You might just love how they look and don't even need nail polish. It makes squeaky sounds when you get to the final buffing blocks Step 4, but nothing to be alarmed. 

    Regardless of nail art, recommend to buff your nails once a week to keep your nails look done and healthy. You can use lotion or oil coat your nails to provide nutrients to your nails and prevent your nails from drying, ridged or wavy. 





    Bright, pastel and clear nails either on bare nails or the nail tips. Having dark color bases will give out a Fall vibe.
    • Clear - bare nails or blank nail tips
    • White / Muted Pastels / French Nails - This provide clean canvas for your flower colors to pop more, or provide that veiled look when using similar color flowers like sakura flower nail art shown below.
    • Light Coral, Lemon and Mint color family - Can you be more spring colors than these?



    DIY drawing

    Do it yourself! Choose flowers and colors of your choice and be creative. Draw over your base coated nails using nail brushes or do by simple dotting using nail art tools or bobby pins. The following video is an easiest flower nail art to follow and so well made. Use different colors and make your own flowers.



    Flower Nail Decals

    There are hundreds of affordable floral decals stickers out there to use on etsy or amazon that could be used on natural or acrylic nails. 
    Sakura Nail Art - Decals




    This is a no-brainer step. Use clear top coat polish to seal in your nail art. Period. Any drug store top coat nail polish would work.



    until it lasts..


    Now, a funny she-says-he-says clip from Brigerton Season 2, - "Because I am a women?" I laughed so much… Probably will watch again.

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