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Polka Dots Nails - Summer Fun

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Polka Dots Nails Set by watereverysunday


Polka Dots trend this year is hotter than ever and virtually everywhere. So why not on the nails? And suddenly I remembered this pretty milk polka dot nail collection from Dior several years ago. The collection and the beauty idea are still current and a perfect way to enjoy the polka dot trend!  


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There are tons polka dot nails tutorial on youtube and online. However, after trying some myself, I realized it requires some practice and planning in order to achieve good quality reproducible polka dots. In the end, polka dots are a pattern in neat fashion, therefore clean, same sized dots in symmetrical manner are the key for this look. Otherwise you might end up with leopard patterns.

Also some looks shown in the tutorials didn't look so great in person, or maybe it is just me? So do try and find the right ones for you. If can't, it is still fun thing to try.



NAIL POLISHES - At least 2 colors of your choice, preferably high contrast in color, but any combination would work.

Image: opi nail lacquers 

TOOLS - Dotting Pen(s), Bobbi Pins, Toothpicks or Uni-ball Ink Pen or pencil. These are easily available at nearby drug stores/online. Or already have at home.  




BASE COAT - Base coat could be any color of your choice. Some tutorials say to apply 2 coats of the base coat however if you like some transparent background or clear, one coat is just sufficient. Imagine those clear umbrella with polka dots pattern - see my trial photos at the end of this blog.

Let your base coat dry completely before start dotting. Otherwise, colors will stick together, run and get messy.

DOTTING - Add several drops of second color on a piece of paper or cardboard. Dip the dotting end and start dotting over the base coated nails in polka dot pattern. Add new drops of nail polish on a new spot as the previous nail polish drops start drying. 


Experiment with different sizes of dots and patterns or dotting tools. Let them dry completely. If you prefer, apply clear top coat to seal the look but that's optional.


Image: styletic.com

Image: pinterest


In my trial, I tried bobbi pins, uni-ball pen and toothpicks. FYI, my nail art skill is at beginner level.

I didn't have the dotting pen. But it seems perfectly fine for my needs. Out of the tools I tried, liked the toothpicks the most. Some tutorial use flat end of toothpicks that come with decorative ends and I did find flat ended side gave me more controlled and stamp like effect than ball ends.

Since I didn't have toothpicks with decorative flat ends, I cut the ends with scissors then the round end got all flatten, no longer round but I made it relatively round again by rolling the edge on a hard surface. Also in this manner, I could get different size of dotting ends by cutting different areas of the toothpicks. 

Here are my trials. Pinky finger was done using an uni-ball pen. Both middle and ring fingers with toothpicks. From far, they look decent enough and cute. What do you think? Ring finger had a one coat of ballerina pink to have that clear plastic like look as mentioned above.



Happy Polka Dotting Everyone!

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