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Abstract Face Line Drawing Nails

sarah w

Abstract Face line drawing has been an on-going trend in fashion. You probably have seen them on t-shirt & sweaters and jewelries.

So why not on nails? Both artistic and aesthetically pleasing, this perfect example of minimalist look is easier than its look and definitely brings out your artistic side.

If you are tired of solid color manicure but not a fan of colorful and bling bling nail arts, this is definitely a look to try. 

All you need two contrasting nail colors. One for the base and the other for the line drawing. Typical look would be the dark color drawing over light color base but the opposite also works.

For dark line over pale base look, base your nails with light colors such as white, nude or ballerina pink. Wait to dry completely and using nail art brushes draw face lines. 

Find face drawing example of your likings or design your own. Practice the drawings before applying since lines drawing is hard to correct or redo once done. Try to achieve even and clean lines for the best look. 

Don't limit yourself with drawing faces but other abstract lines like the lines in the below photo. If needed, apply clear top coat to finish the look and for a lasting wear. 


Image: Pinterest


Be creative! Have fun! Even though you mess up, it is ok. It's only nails. Do it over until you get what you want! Life is an endless practice towards perfection! 




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