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What to Wear Now - Shearling

Sarah W


What to Wear Now - Shearling by watereverysunday

What to Wear Now - Shearling by watereverysunday  (Copyright©)


It is almost end of February and who knew that we are still far away from Spring? So cold and chilly out! Though, you can't fall back to the winter mode now. That said, this two faced shearling items come handy still keeping you warm and stylish during this transitional time. 

This is also one of my OOTDs these days. Gorpcore stylish and practical in NYC streets or anywhere still chilly and windy. 

Also current Fall/Winter fashion weeks strongly forecast that shearling, military and plaid items will be the next big thing in the coming fall/winter.

But why wait when you can wear now? Always silently luxurious, shearlings are us now! Coat, Jackets, Bag, boots and accessories, wear them out and enjoy while still cold out! 



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Kai Shearling Biker Jackets   $99.00

Yani Oversized Turtleneck Sweaters  $62

Basic Cotton Pad Quilted Thermal Pants $42

Nesma Ropework Jumbo Felt Tartan Totes  $56 - 68

Helmi Plush Lined Platform Winter Boots $62


BUY TWO & 2nd Item 50% Off!


Balmy Tint Hydrating Lip Balm - Wonderlust, $28 iliabeauty.com



Nema Mustang Bomber Jacket

Tashi Shearling Hooded Jacket

Fur-lined Bomber Jackets 

Catriona Lambs Wool Fur Mule Slipper

Elspe Shearling Fodable Ankle Boots



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