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Tribal Modern Style

Sarah W

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Tribal Modern by watereverysunday (copyright)


There is something so cool about tribal style. It is primal, organic and wild like animals. After all, we humans are also animals, living in this world together with other animals and species. 

It is also a perfect time for this as summer is just around the corner.

That said, how do we style in a tribal vibe? Rather than going all the way like zebra and leopard, let's keep it modern and clean yet, without losing the essence of it. Adding a little bit of patterns, shapes and natural materials is the key in styling with this vibe. 



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Katla Flower Corsage Shirt Blouse $64

There is something so tropical jungle and beautiful about this blouse, pleated 3D corsage flower and lacing ties.

Art Prints Wide Leg Pants $36

These tribal style abstract art prints in earth tone remind of face and body prints of the indigenous tribes. 

Luka Wrap Minimalist Slippers - 3 Colors $38

This modernized wrap cut sandal with color block is surprisingly fits for tribal style.

Citrine Pom Pom Fan Bohemian Earrings $28

Who does not love pom-poms? These tribal inspired jumbo earrings with colorful pom-poms instantly makes the outfit so festive.


Gucci Rouge De Beauté Brillant: 214 Call It A Day $47





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