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Boy Meets Girl - Dandy Style

Sarah W

Boy Meets Girl - Dandy Style Blog by watereverysunday 

Boy Meets Girl - Dandy Style by watereverysunday


Hello October! As temperatures drop, enjoy the bright and beautiful skies while the fashion shows in Paris come to a close. We see more and more office looks casually coming back to runways sporting classics yet redone menswear-inspired fashion and items. On some runways, we see both genders sharing the same or swiping looks!

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fashion—the lines are quickly becoming blurred. Unleash your creativity and express yourself through the pieces in your wardrobe. You don't have to stick to pre-defined gender categories—it's all about what brings out the best in you. Only you know what works best for you. While stylists, trends, designer brands and runways can be great sources of inspiration, don't use them to dress to fit someone else's identity or social norm.

This look, we are going casual but it blends formality and casual to balance and create a classic style that expresses confidence and uniqueness in details. It's an expression of a classic boy meets girl look, evoking the timeless adaptation from school uniforms --with a little bit of daring twist. There is humor, fun and excitement. Ready to find out more?

Let's go! 


Create the perfect canvas for any look with this dressy cotton shirts. Its boxy, crisp design gives off an edgy, timeless feel. These fashionable and timeless white/dress shirts won't let you worry about the latest trends - its classic design ensures timelessness - whether it's yours or borrowed from the boys' closet.

Of course, you can certainly choose a modified version such as with patterns, prints and patchwork/embellishment, like the below suggested shirts.


 Suggested Dress Shirts

Marithe Striped Shirts with Necktie
Aveline Checks Vest Patchwork Ruffle Shirt Blouse
Katla Flower Corsage Shirt Blouse
Mona Patchwork Shirts


Since we are aiming for a casual look, I choose a cardigan over a blazer, which still has that classic and preppy element of outerwear but not of the blazer which could end up being too formal. 

Vest is also another option to consider as vests are literally everywhere and "so right now" regardless of the seasons. The items are not something new but the repurposed functionality as sleeveless tops with an instant dandy personality made this item so popular. Find something in your current closet and give it a revamp. 

Also vests also come in knit or suit materials having more choices and could be worn alone or layered style. Basic wool sweater is also an alternative item but layers with cotton shirts with exposed collars and cuffs to comply with boy meets girl style. 

 Suggested Cardigans

 Thanks for Nothing Knit Cardigan


These pieces combine the styles of skirts, men's-inspired culottes, and half-pants, offering versatile looks for any wardrobe. Skorts hit just above the knee, culottes go to the mid-knee, and half-pants land at the knee--all in one garment!


 Suggested Pants

Kiran Front Wrap Dressy Pants Basic Faux Leather Half Pants Jiwoo Skirted Wide Leg Trouser


These are part of school uniforms. Loose the sneakers here to rock the classy and dandy looks. Rich leather oxfords/brogues and loafers add instantly formality but color contrasting patchwork and leather pattern works make them unique characters in the school play. But do not limit yourself by only sticking to the text book. Modern platform wedge loafers or ballet flats work great in this dandy play.


 Suggested Oxfords & Loafers

Vintage Genuine Leather Oxford Brogues Shoes Jasmine Serpentine Upper Mary Jane Pumps Eithne Platform Wedge Brogues Tabitha Split Toe Ballet Flats


Chanel's influence sparks this design: a boy bag with a quilted finish and braided chain strap. It's the perfect blend of masculine and feminine style, fusing together two looks like no other. Also puffed filling gives out luxe gorpcore vibe. Guys don't usually rock quilted bags... or do they?


Suggested Quilted Bags

Marlyn Lattice Quilted Puffer Shoulder Bags Gita Shine Nylon Puffer Pouch Bags Cezi Luxe Floral Quilted Handbags Natalia Chevron Quilted Denim Flap Bags



Gothic Skull Cross Necklace - What better way for Catholic school boys to show their rebellious side than with this item?

You want more of rebel without cause?

We have new UNISEX Gothic Jewelry Collection!

Unisex Gothic Jewelry Collection - watereverysunday

Flower Corsages - Versatile Flower Corsage can be placed anywhere! Adorn your chest, bag, or hair with a luxe touch. For a more girly look, consider sporting them as choker, ring, bracelet, and more—perfect to make any girl shine!

Veiled Beanies and Hats - Does this need an explanation? This is kind of school project sort of way, but we all get it. Don’t you?

Socks/Hosiery - These are also a great items as finishing touch. Be the color, pattern or material to give your whole outlook that oomph to be remembered. 

Neck ties and Scarves: These can't be left out when you think about dandy look. There is also slow rise of necktie trends on the street. 


Suggested Accessories

Retro Skull Cross Necklace Linea Big Flower Corsage Chocker Necklaces French Beret with Lace Veil Cotton Split Toe Ribbed Socks



*We are not affiliated with any product/company/brand/website featured in this blog post other than our own.

 Marithe Striped Shirts with Necktie

Marithe Striped Shirts with Necktie $52

Marlyn Lattice Quilted Puffer Shoulder Bags

Marlyn Lattice Quilted Puffer Shoulder Bags, $59.99

Kiran Front Wrap Dressy Pants

Kiran Front Wrap Dressy Pants, $54

Vintage Genuine Leather Oxford Brogues Shoes

Vintage Genuine Leather Oxford Brogues Shoes, $75


Retro Skull Cross Necklace

Retro Skull Cross Necklace, $25



STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF, Eyeliner - Blue Metal


Are you ready to enter new territories and meet other gender(s) and be dandy about it? Feel Free!

Extra… This is another dandy bohemian chic look that you could also try with this new vest trend. 

Get the Look - Dandy Street Chic by watereverysunday

Get the Look - Dandy Street Chic by watereverysunday

Try to utilize items already in your closet. No need to buy new.. a dandy or granny vest, dressy shorts and combat boots, balanced with front tie silk blouses, bohemian saddle bags and floral perfume!



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