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High Gloss Eyes & Lips Beauty

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High Gloss Eyes & Lips Beauty by watereverysunday (copyright)

High Gloss Eyes & Lips Beauty by watereverysunday (copyright)


Are you ready to take your makeup game to the next level? Say goodbye to matte finishes and hello to high gloss make-up! This trend is all about adding a touch of shine and sparkle to your look, making you stand out like a disco ball on the dance floor.

What's the Deal with High Gloss?

Image Source: Pinterest

High gloss make-up is all about creating a wet, shiny look on your eyes and lips that screams high fashion. Think of it as the make-up equivalent of a glazed donut - irresistible and oh-so-glossy. This trend is perfect for those who want to add a touch of drama and glamour to their everyday look.

It is not only fun and playful, but it also adds a touch of sophistication to your look. Plus, the glossy finish reflects light, making your eyes and lips appear awaken, fuller and more luscious. Who wouldn't want that extra oomph in their make-up routine?

Please note that glossy make-up differs from glowy shine make-up, with the former having a liquid-like quality and wet look, while the latter has powdery shimmer achieved through highlighters or bronze products. 


Getting the Look

First things first, you'll need the right products to achieve the high gloss look. Invest in a good quality lip gloss, eye gloss or glossy products that will give you that intense shine without feeling sticky or tacky. Remember, a little goes a long way with high gloss, so start with a light hand and build up the intensity as needed.

There are several types of products are available for the glossy look. As you can guess from the title, products are specifically names as gloss or glossy or plumping in the product names. These products are mostly in gel type, clear or colored, and  also come in tubes with slanted application tip, lip gloss container with foam applicator or a little jar containers. 


Image Source: Byrdie.com Pinterest


Image Source: Pinterest 

Getting your eyes and lips ready for some fun is a breeze! Prep with primer and foundation, add some color with eyeshadow and lip shades if needed, then finish the look with glossy products on your eye lids and lips. 

High Gloss Lips Looks to Try

  • Single Color - simply apply high gloss lip color of your choice.
Single Color High Glossy Lips - Image source: Pinterest
  • Peach Stain Lips - apply lip stains at the center of the lips for gradient effect and finish with clear gloss. This gives natural, peach perfect and youthful look. 

Peach Stain Lips - Image source: Pinterest

  • Lip lined Lips - line your lips using dark lip liner and finish with clear lip gloss. If you are going for a plumper lips, this is the look for you. 


LIp-lined High Glossy Lips - Image source: Pinterest





Chantecaille Lip Gloss

Top Tips for Rocking High Gloss

1. Prep your skin: Make sure your skin is well moisturized and prepped before applying high gloss makeup. Hydrated skin will help the gloss glide on smoothly and stay put all day.

2. Keep it simple: High gloss makeup is all about the shine, so keep the rest of your makeup minimal. Opt for a natural-looking base and subtle blush to let your glossy eyes and lips take center stage.

3. Experiment with colors: Don't be afraid to play with different shades of gloss to create unique looks. Try a bold red gloss for a statement lip or a shimmering gold gloss for a glamorous eye look.

4. Try new trend and techniques: such as lip stain or liners to define your inner and outer lips and finish with the lip gloss. Use 1-2 shade darker liner so that your lip would look fuller and high glossy shine.

    Finishing Thoughts

    So there you have it, the lowdown on how to rock the high gloss eyes and lips look like a pro. Remember, makeup is all about having fun and expressing yourself, so don't be afraid to get creative and experiment with different looks. Shine on, you fabulous beauty queen!


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